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          China 's environmental sports venues materials brand enterprises


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          SPUE Court Material
          SPUE court material is completely environment friendly with high level quality. It is improved base on the traditionalformula of PU, silicon PU material.Not only has the characteristics of traditional silicon PU material, but also has its own advantages: non-toxic, high strength, wear resistance, tear resistance.


          SPUE Plastic Runway Material
          SPUE plastic plastic track material not only belong to the food hygiene level, but also non-toxic pollution-free environmentally friendly products, with ultra-odd plastic high strength, high flexibility, ultra-wear-resistant weather characteristics. SPUE plastic from the end of the structure that is not filled with filler particles, the use of pure mortar made of elastic surface layer. Of which the elastic layer 8MM thick micro-bubble-like; strengthen the layer 3MM is real colloidal; surface 2MM thick anti-white from the grain.


          Silicon PU Courts Material
          Silicon PU court materials is a new material for sport courts surface developed based on PU court materials. It is made of polyurethane (PU) and silicone materials combined together properly,this material solves the problems base on the PU court materials, such as in professional performance, environmental protection, service life, lack of maintenance and so on.


          Sponge City
          Sponge city is the city can be like a sponge, in adapting to environmental changes and response to natural disasters and other aspects of a good "elastic", rain when the water, water, water, water, when needed to store water "release" And use it.


          Color Non-Slip Pavement Material
          Color non-slip road surface is a polyurethane resin based on the road anti-skid system, including special formulations of polyurethane adhesives and a variety of different specifications of anti-skid aggregate, coated on a variety of road. This kind of road surface not only landscaping and road safety has obvious improvement, at the same time because of its super wear resistance, but also can play a role in extending the life of ordinary pavement.


          Permeable Concrete Material
          Pervious concrete is made of aggregate, cement and water mixed with a porous lightweight concrete, it does not contain fine aggregate, from the surface of coarse aggregate coated with a thin layer of cement slurry to form a uniform distribution of holes Honeycomb structure, so the permeable concrete with breathable, permeable and light weight characteristics. The use of Huacheng pervious concrete binder construction of color permeable concrete, in addition to the advantages of permeable concrete, but also can beautify the environment.


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                  Xiamen Guanli Plastic Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in design,manufacture and construct various types of high performance sports surfacing systems ranging from running tracks,sports courts, to recreational sports facilities. Guanli sports surfacing systems are designed for a full range of ball courts incl. Tennis court,basketball court, badminton court, volleyball court...etc. 
          • Professional Venues
          • Tertiary Institutions
          • Primary
          • Municipal Greening
          Service Hotline: 400-028-3899



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